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This Dingy Dark Basement

This Dingy Dark Basement

It has been an embarassing amount of time since I last published a blog post. When I realized that I missed blogging and needed to get back into it to fill some creative voids I had been feeling, I became aware that I did not blog about a huge renovation that happened in my basement. My house is over a hundred years old and the basement was a gloomy and drab concrete hole that had really been showing some massive signs of neglect. It was basically a storage area that provided me with way too much space to keep way too much crap. As for livability in the home, for a large house, it only had one bathroom. One bathroom with a family is not exactly ideal and I always wanted to take some of the space in the basement and make this improvement for the house. I didn't really think of where the bathroom should go or if it would be a full sized bathroom or a half bath. I just knew I wanted to add one! I called on a friend who was running a contracting business to come and take a look at the space and to give me some ideas on what could be done and from there, we ran with it. While talking to him, he said that I would have the space for a full bath (hello, second shower!) I also started to get the idea that it would be nice to add a small kitchenette if the space allowed, because my home office is down there and it would give a little bit of a "suite" feel. I didn't really think of the fact that there was no plumbing to speak of in this concrete box; that was for the pros to figure out! I was just the dreamer with the chequebook. I knew that I wanted fun, whimsy, colour and personality. When you take a look at the photos of what I was starting with, you may see why I wanted all of those things because boy, this basement was drab! Stay tuned for how I turned this space in the basement from totally drab to totally fab!!! With the help of some awesome tradesmen of course!

Izzy sees the light at the end of the tunnel...

Did I mention that I took on this renovation while pregnant? I may have lost my mind a wee bit but, we got through it!



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Written on Tuesday, December 26, 2023
Classed under Red Lips-Home Decor & Lifestyle

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