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Don't Quit Your Day Dream!

Don't Quit Your Day Dream!

Working from home definitely has its perks. I love the laid back hours I get to keep while building my home based businesses. I love the wardrobe. It can be anything from my pajamas, to my gym clothes, to jeans and t-shirts, to whatever is comfortable. I can wear my slippers and drink coffee all day long. I can do mindless computer work with a little Netflix as background noise. I can let my dogs outside and run the dishwasher and do my laundry. These are all some of the perks. But also some of the downfalls. It is really tough to be strict with yourself while working from home. Waking up and going for that gym workout at 6am is easy to do when I work at the diner at 11 because timing wise, I simply have to. But on a day off or a work from home day, I have it in my mind that I can get to the gym whenever. Sometimes "whenever" happens. Sometimes it doesn't.

I am the owner of a trade show called the "Hanover Home & Garden Show". This is a show that has run for 11 years, but the 2019 show was my debut as the Owner/Organizer. I didn't know exactly what I was doing, but in the end, the show was a success and I am already in the beginning stages of planning for the 2020 Show. I have found that the easiest way to stay on task while working from home is to make lists of what I want/need to accomplish the next day. These lists include home stuff (ie. clean off the dining room table or organize the desk drawers) but also my work from home stuff (ie. print off and email new exhibitor registrations and invoices, visit my friends at the print shop to order my posters).

The building of the Hanover Home & Garden Show will be documented on here as I go forward with organizing Year Number 2! I had in the back of my mind to document the first year but didn't....(see that pesky procrastination of working from home made it not happen!)

I have a true Love/Hate relationship with being my own boss and striving to one day ONLY be my own boss. I know I must get stricter with what gets accomplished on any given day though! the end of the day, that freedom to join my kids on class trips and not having to scrounge for babysitters on days when they are sick is truly priceless. How I feel when I build something and see it through like the year I spent organizing the 2019 Hanover Home & Garden Show and then seeing it all come to be on that weekend this past April...It is these examples and so much more of why I work from home. It works for me, it works for my kids and I get to love what I do and love where I get to do it!




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Written on Monday, August 5, 2019
Classed under Coffee Sips-Entrepreneur & Diner Girl

Writing an "About Me" is not easy. How do I pick and choose the pieces of my life that molded me into the person I am or deem the milestones and memories as important enough to tell you about in this little "About Me"...Well, I often joke that I have Read more about me...

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