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That First Date I Was Nervous About? Yeah....About That!

That First Date I Was Nervous About? Yeah....About That!

Here is the thing with online dating. We post the pictures of us looking our absolute best. We put our absolute best personalities forward. We match with someone and we make a date to meet. We go into the date with the highest of hopes...AND more time than not our high hopes plummet pretty darn fast, usually by the time the first drink arrives.

That didn't happen on the first date I went on a few weeks ago! My hopes were not immediately dashed and I actually ended up having a really good time. We met at a pub and each had a drink. The conversation flowed effortlessly and he was as cute as he looked in his pictures. He thought I was absolutely hilariously adorable (excellent taste in girls it seems....) We closed the bar down and when the bill came he picked up the whole tab. This brings me to another point. I am kind of old fashioned when it comes to first dates. I think the guy should pay! I may be met with liberated women that disagree wholeheartedly with me, but all I know is that my heart sinks a little bit when Buddy picks up the bill and then looks at me as if to say "Ok....your share is...." or even worse, passes the bill over to me to pick up the full check! So, yes, he paid the full bill and I suggested he let me tip the waitress. I'm a waitress, so this just ensured me that she would get a good tip, but afterwards I was thinking that I should have let him tip her too because then I could see what kind of tipper he is! And guys, if you think you are going to impress a girl by picking up the tab but then leaving a shitty tip, I'm here to tell you otherwise. I have had a few big three dollar tips on fifty dollar bills and I just look at the girls in those situations and think of how he must short change her in other areas of their activities together too! ;) So boys, bring out the big guns and tip at least 20%. You're welcome.

We left the bar and then headed to grab a coffee where the date and great conversation continued. Finally it was time for me to head home because I had kids to get up for school and work to be sunshiny and happy for the next day. The awkward moment of how the night was going to end....will there be a kiss? Do I make a move? Will he make a move? There was a hug and a kiss on the cheek and the cheek kiss led to a couple decent kisses and I was over the moon to find out that the dude could kiss. Nothing worse than a shitty kisser (maybe a shitty tipper...but tipping practices can be changed!)

Dates #2 and #3 with the same guy have actually already happened...And I also already kiboshed the potential for more dates with him. He just didn't end up being the right guy for me and I didn't want to waste either of our time or hurt his feelings. While I definitely enjoyed meeting someone new and making a new friend, I am not wanting to settle for someone that I already know isn't the right person and I don't want to get myself into any kind of commitment again so soon after my separation...unless it is literally with a guy who is perfect and makes my knees weak. Makes me knees weak AND ticks all the boxes like a good job, a place to live, an on point personality, a bit of cash saved up, good looks and dashing charm! I want to have fun and date and get my own confidence back and find out what kind of woman I am without a man. A woman that can go out and have fun and share moments with someone if I choose to...but not because I feel like I have to.

This learning to love myself again is a real trip.



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Written on Monday, July 22, 2019
Classed under Red Lips-Home Decor & Lifestyle

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